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Is it right for me?

The best way to find out if you are suitable is to contact the office for a consultation.  Generally, most people are suitable, especially if the teeth requiring correction are similar to the photos 1-5 below.  These are an indication as to whether or not you may be suitable. This does not compensate for a full orthodontic assessment.


The following photos are an indication of what can be treated with QuickSmile. If you feel your teeth compare to numbers 1 to 5 then contact us for a consultation!



The following photos are an idea of what might be possible to treat with QuickSmile. It may be that in order to perform QuickSmile orthodontics a few compromises will be required. To discuss this further please contact us for a consultation! 



The following photos are examples of teeth that would be unsuitable for QuickSmile orthodontics but may be better treated with conventional orthodontics. For further advice please contact us for a consultation!

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