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Success Stories 

QuickSmile is the best choice for adults interested in quickly and affordably making life-changing cosmetic improvements to their smiles with adult braces.  Our Success Stories page allows you to see and hear how QuickSmile has changed the lives of real people just like you.

A simple case?
This patient presented with mild crowding and a canine in an unattractive position. Conventional orthodontics was discussed as an alternative to QuickSmile because of the relationship between the upper and lower teeth but this was ruled out by the patient.
Keen to get his teeth straightened, we set about taking impressions, photographs, radiographs and performing an orthodontic exam.











Brackets on


We set about preparing the teeth and placing the brackets. This is a very simple and quick procedure with no discomfort for the patient.


Occasionally patients find that brackets will break or pop off, this is not unusual and will not affect the treatment.  Any brackets can be replaced or repaired at your next visit.


Once the brackets have been properly positioned on the teeth it's time to fit the wire!

clear braces glasgow
Fitting the wire


The wire is then inserted in to the brackets and fixed in place with some clear rubber rings resulting in a good aesthetic appearance. The wire will get replaced at the next visit helping the teeth to straighten further and get closer to that perfect smile!




Things are progressing well, still a bit more movement required to get those teeth straight.



Straight teeth
(Before & After Photos)


Once the patient is happy with their smile it's a case of taking the brackets off, fitting some retainers and off you go!



Other cases




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